Friday, 30 November 2012

How to Pin Your Article to Get Exposed

Pinterest is very fast growing social networking platform that allows you to collect and organize all the things you like and love.  It works like digital scrapbook where if you find something interesting, motivating and inspirational can be shared with the world. Pinterest is also a online pin board that allows you to post content, images, videos, links, comments, and other artful materials.
For pining anything you like, first of all you need a personal account or business account. You can also convert into business account if you have already this one. Simply go to and click “Join Pinterest”.

Login your account then click “Add plus” button like this-

And then click “Upload a pin” like this-

Next step is to select “Browse” and then open an image from your computer like this-

Select a relevant Board to categorize your pin and “Describe your pin” by providing the title of the article in 500 characters or less. Now Select “Pin It” and then select “Edit” like this-

In the “Link” field, paste the URL to your published article, select “Save Pin,” and you’re done like this-

Pinterest provides a creative and positive place for you and your business to discover and share things to be inspired and connect your online community and your customers. Undoubtedly, pinterest is very potential tool to promote your brand or business as it drives more traffic than Yahoo search, Google referrals, Bing, Twitter, StumbleUpon. One should avoid creating more new board and more new pins. Don’t pin old items and always pin that relevant for web community. Use the above strategies to increase your exposure.
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